Take a look at our second “A Cook’s Forest Feast Weekend” at Gateway Lodge with guest Chef Brian Doyle from Cafe Avalaun.

Chef Brian Doyle realized his passion for food at an early age, influenced by cooking and gardening with his family, both rooted in Italian and American-Southern heritages. Brian creates high quality, multi-sensory dining experiences utilizing fun, inventive, modern nutrition knowledge and culinary skill.

He has been honored as a guest chef at the Celebrity Chef’s Gala, Autism Speaks to Wall Street as well as committee member in Cleveland since 2008. He is recognized as one of Cleveland’s premier chefs with his gluten free restaurant Café Avalaun featuring a fun crepe menu, amazing coffee and stellar bakery. Brian is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a member of the AIHM Academy of Integrative Medicine as a certified Health Coach. Part of his goal as a chef is to accommodate special dietary needs while still providing a high level of quality and flavor experience for all. His best advice, “Just Eat Real Food.”