OSMP_CC20172Make Your Holiday Roadtrip Easier And Save Big This Off-Season By Purchasing Gateway Lodge’s Off-Season Midweek Pass For $499. Use The Pass For Up To Five Weekday Nights In A Luxury Suite. That’s A 50% Savings!

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Each stay includes a gourmet breakfast for two the following morning and afternoon tea.

*Valid 12/3/17–3/1/18, excluding 12/25/17–12/28/17, 1/14/18, and 2/18/18. Excludes taxes and gratuities. May not rent multiple suites under same date with same pass.

C O M M O N   Q U E S T I O N S


Can I share the pass?
Of course! Stay a night or two and share it with loved ones.


Do I have to use the pass for five consecutive nights?
No. You can spread the nights apart or stay five nights in a row. It’s up to you!


Are there any blackout dates?
Yes. Blackout dates are from 12/25/17–12/28/17 and on 01/14/18 and 02/18/18.


Can I use the pass for multiple suites on the same night?
No. Pass can only be used for multiple suites on different nights.


Does the pass cover taxes and gratuities?
No. The pass is used towards the base rate of your stay. Taxes and $10 service charge per day for breakfast and housekeeping services will be added to your stay.


What if I need to cancel a reservation?
A 50% cancellation fee of discounted value ($99.80/day) will be applied for any last minute cancellations or date changes within two weeks of reserved date. Two weeks or more notice from reserved date would avoid cancellation charge.