Fix your stress with AVEDA’s Stress-Fix Massage at The Woods Spa!

Nearly all disease comes from some type of stress to your body, physically and mentally. Humans are designed for short lived amounts of stress to help with life-threatening situations either to ourselves or maybe even a family member. However, when the stress becomes long term from everyday life stress, it starts to effect our mind and body negatively.  Do you have a daily wellness program to combat this chronic type of stress?

Let me introduce The Woods Spa’s newest massage and product line: Stress-Fix, an AVEDA exclusive.  Stress-Fix products are ECOCERT certified organic and are clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. The aroma is a lovely, complex blend that includes notes of lavender, clary sage, vetiver and frankincense. This massage treatment includes the aroma blend along with Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology techniques.

After you receive your Stress-Fix massage, you may want to take some of the products home with you to continue your wellness program.
The Stress-Fix Concentrate Rollerball is small enough to be kept in your handbag to get out anytime you need torelax; breathe in and massage on neck and shoulders.  The Woods Spa also has Stress-Fix Soaking Salts and Body Lotion.  Call to schedule you Stress-Fix today! 814-744-8017

Schedule a Stress-Fix Massage and receive a $20 voucher towards an additional Spa service. Offer expires end of August.