Engage your senses with in-season, fresh food creatively prepared, and sustainably sourced. Inspired by a long-standing family tradition of nourishing those we love with great wholesome foods, Owner Deb Adams shares her favorite family recipes with you and yours.


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Our Current Situation

We look forward to the days ahead when dining together is embraced again and laughter and love fill our restaurant. As we unravel this story of our times, we are committed to the journey. Our restaurant remains closed until further notice. Beginning May 22nd, our kitchen will be opening operations to exclusively serve our room guests with warm, made-from-scratch breakfasts served in a basket to guests’ rooms. Breakfast will be delivered from 9-9:15am. A menu will be emailed directly to registered room guests.

We will be partnering with supporting restauranteers to deliver dinner options to our room guests on weekend evenings until our Restaurant reopens for dinner service.  Please join our email newsletter to stay in tune with our latest updates.  We are committed to sourcing food sustainably and as a result, we are cautiously planning our next steps. We thank you for your support and understanding during this time. In the meantime, we’ll be supporting other wonderful local dining options by sharing these choices with our lodging guests. Stay well.

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We strive to make everything from scratch – avoiding pre-package convenience and artificial flavors in favor of whole food ingredients. We value quality of life, and strive to find farmers with that same value because sustainability matters. We believe food in season tastes the best and is the best for you too. Our menu changes according to what’s available and fresh. And we are a culinary team, a collective of great cooks and bakers with a heart and passion for good food and for team effort for the betterment of the whole. We love to talk technique and to encourage others to create wholesome, delicious foods at home.